Employee Comments

Employees who are satisfied with their position, teammates, working environment and corporate culture are happier, more productive employees. Here are some results from our bi-annual Employee Satisfaction Survey.


What do you like most about working at MMA Michigan?

“I feel like I make a difference to our clients. We have the freedom and autonomy to make decisions and get the job done, and that’s what it’s all about — providing first rate service and support consistently to all of our clients.”

“I like the fact that we are all one large team working towards one goal, and that is satisfying the needs of our clients.”

“I like many things: the firm’s leadership; our consistently high-quality work product; the culture — employees are nice, professional, and hardworking; to name just a few. This is such a positive environment where everyone is willing to help everyone else no matter what the issue/work is.”

“Everyone has a positive attitude, even during stressful times. You are always hearing ‘how can I help’ — whether talking to a fellow team member or a client. And it is sincere.”

“I like the freedom I am given to do my job – it is refreshing to be trusted with my abilities.”


What has the company done in the past year that you see as positive?

“MMA Michigan continues to add more staff and invest in technology.”

“There are a lot of positive aspects. MMA Michigan does a lot for their employees and in turn makes us want to continue to work here.”