Health Care Reform

MMA Michigan is committed to pro-actively supporting our clients with both the compliance aspects of Health Care Reform (HCR), as well as analyzing future opportunities that may become available as a result of government subsidies for lower income employees and the Exchange markets of the future.

You can count on our significant resources and proprietary tools to help you understand the law, evaluate your options, and take appropriate actions to minimize your risks and take advantage of any opportunities presented as a result of HCR.

In our view, helping organizations comply with and adapt to Health Care Reform is included within our standard service model: the Benefit Stewardship ProcessTM.  This process takes a comprehensive approach to providing group benefits service and insight.

Outlined below are just some of the initiatives that we have in place:

  • Reform Updates:  These timely, award-winning updates are designed to keep you current with the requirements of HCR, particularly as new guidance comes out on the various requirements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).
  • Reform Seminars:  Beginning in 2010, we have conducted seminars annually, addressing various aspects of HCR from compliance to the strategic “Play or Pay” decision.  These popular, accredited seminars are designed to give you practical information to better understand the law, benchmarking data on what other employers are doing, and provide compliance action steps.  Please check our current seminar schedule to see what we have planned.
  • MMA Michigan Mid-Market Group Benefits Survey: Our annual Survey provides you with unique insight into the market, tracking trends relative to the longer-term requirements of Health Care Reform including how your peers intend to address the 30 hour work week, wellness, and the Cadillac Tax.

We have also developed proprietary, analytical tools that are provided exclusively for and tailored to our clients.  These tools include the HCR Field Guide, Grandfathering Checklist, Watchlist and HCR COMPASSTM.

With market trend data and local information, MMA Michigan has been able to keep us competitive with other companies in the area.

— The Magni Group