Benefit Stewardship Process

When you choose MMA Michigan, you are selecting a partner who will face your benefit challenges with you and deliver creative benefit solutions that address your unique challenges. Our purpose is to help you design, implement and manage a group benefit program that:
  • Meets organizational objectives
  • Satisfies the needs of team members
  • Controls cost effectively
  • Complies with governing regulations

To do this, MMA Michigan has assembled the most knowledgeable, talented and highly motivated team of benefit professionals in the market. Their years of experience, knowledge and leadership has made MMA Michigan Michigan’s leading employee group benefit consulting and brokerage company solely focused on group benefits for mid-sized public and private organizations.

Through our Benefit Stewardship ProcessTM we provide you with the best possible benefit plan. This Process has been refined and honed for more than twenty-five years and has been perfected through day-to-day use with over 1,000 organizations.

Learn how it can work for your organization. Or see how it has worked for our clients.

Our MMA Michigan account director speaks everyone’s language. She can talk to anyone on our team, and she listens. — Thomson-Shore Inc.