Financial Reporting & Analysis

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” And MMA Michigan agrees. We have developed a comprehensive range of financial reports and financial analyses of employee group benefits programs. We use these broad approaches and customize them to work for the specific client, the details of their programs, and financial hot spots. Using this approach, MMA Michigan will:
  • Identify what your five-year historical cost trends have been, compared to those of your competitors. We will provide a five-year historical financial analysis, using this data to best determine which plan design features to change.
  • Assign the appropriate Plan Analyst to collect, sort, evaluate and make recommendations that maximize coverage and service while minimizing cost.
  • Examine and report on performance by carrier/providers and their plans, with attention to managed care effectiveness, cost levels, and employee satisfaction.
  • Prepare custom benchmarking information so that you know exactly where your costs compare to pertinent normative data.
  • Provide a “decision-ready” presentation for upper management that gives a comprehensive view of your employee benefit costs.

It seems like I get dozens of phone calls a week from people that would love to come in and try to quote our business. But at this point I don’t know that anybody can bring the level of professionalism that MMA Michigan does.

— A. Raymond Tinnerman