Objective Setting & Strategic Planning

In order to have a clear understanding of our clients’ short and long-term goals, we begin by gathering information. Here’s where the Benefit Stewardship Process™ really begins to help you, the client. The MMA Michigan team will:
  • Meet with key staff members for background information about your benefit plan trends, regulatory and tax environment, and vendor performance records.
  • Work with you to prepare a clean, written description of your objectives, with the aim of producing a formal, written strategic plan and service plan to outline objectives, set timetables, and assign task responsibilities to achieve the objectives.
  • Learn all we can about your culture, goals, strengths, and areas that need improvement.
  • Meet with HR and employee benefits staff members regularly to learn the details of your benefit program’s history, vendors, efforts at change, and current needs.
  • Develop a consistent approach for gathering employee comments, such as written surveys, focus groups, or establishing employee committees.
  • Develop your ideal mix of benefits and compensation to achieve a total compensation package that will help the organization recruit and retain the best employees.

Their open enrollment materials are awesome.

— Henry Ford College