Plan Administration & Vendor Management

Employee benefits is a highly technical, paper-intensive business. This is often compounded by a limited Human Resource staff and unresponsive vendors. We are accustomed to working with clients who have limited human resources staff and complex needs. MMA Michigan will:
  • Work as an extension of your Human Resource staff, looking for ways to reduce, as much as possible, the time demands on your staff, resulting in a staff of much greater range, thereby giving you the ability to work on more urgent matters.
  • Become more involved in claim, billing, eligibility and service issues if they become too cumbersome or complicated to handle by your Human Resource staff. We frequently draft letters or correspondence for our clients’ use for specific problems and/or recurring issues. The drafts can be easily reproduced by the client contact and sent out with their signature.
  • Assess the viability of on-line enrollment and eligibility management and employee self-service.
  • Let our Account Managers bring their considerable expertise and dedication and take ownership of most major activities, including open enrollment process and vendor transitions.
  • Proof all contracts and amendments for accuracy and completeness prior to the client’s signature.
  • Bring our market clout to “make things happen” with vendor relations problems.

With all of the legislative changes, they keep an eye on what we need to do.

— The Magni Group