Plan Promotion & Communication

An effective plan promotion strategy includes written materials that are marketing oriented, technically accurate and “to the point.” An effective plan promotion strategy is critical to the success of your plan. An employee benefit plan that is a “10 ” in quality of design and breadth of coverage may be perceived as a “5” by employees if it is not effectively promoted. MMA Michigan will:
  • Use a graphics and writing style that is customized to meet your needs, remaining consistent throughout all communication materials.
  • Make continuous use of the three primary categories of written communication materials:
    • The Open Enrollment Bulletin, designed to communicate the changes and actions necessary at open enrollment time.
    • The Group Benefit Summary, designed to promote the benefit package to new hires.
    • The Group Benefit Alert, which is designed to address specific questions, problems or changes as they arise.
  • Build communication strategies and timing into the planning process to avoid “11th hour” problems. This meeting typically takes place six months prior to your renewal date.
  • Give your employees the tools to allow them to service more of their benefits needs themselves, and not bombard the HR staff with needless calls.
  • Ensure that the employees walk away from a meeting with a positive attitude toward the plan and the organization.
  • Assess the viability of on-line communications of employee benefit plans.

MMA Michigan has such a great team of people that work so well together.

— Ricardo, Inc.