Plan Stewardship

Keeping your benefit plan market competitive and compliant at a reasonable cost is a challenge to most employers and is a process that has to be totally reviewed every year.  MMA Michigan is committed to staying up with the latest developments in the rapidly changing employee benefits industry. MMA Michigan will:
  • Apply the concept of continuous improvement to appraise our process of partnering with our clients and serving them best.
  • Bring new ideas to the table as soon as they become available and to continuously review our clients’ situations for potential improvement.
  • Perform regular surveys of our clients to find out how we are doing and what else we can do to help.  The results of our surveys have consistently been very encouraging about our service delivery and provided us with a wealth of information about new services that we can develop.  If you are interested in reviewing the results of the survey, please contact Bill Wentworth.
  • Obtain the best normative data available for use in benchmarking our client’s costs and benefit levels against similar organizations.
  • Designate a full-time Technical and Regulatory Specialist who keeps up-to-date and knowledgeable with emerging trends, regulations and new issues in the health care industry.
  • Designate a Practice Development Head to deliver and promote best-in-class financial analysis service and synergistic levels of stewardship among Three Discipline Teams.
Remember – choosing MMA Michigan means you have selected a partner who will face your benefit challenges with you and deliver creative benefit solutions that address your unique challenges and help reduce costs. That’s our vision. Our passion. Our promise.

They have developed beautiful publications and communications for us.

— Hospice of Michigan