Regulatory Compliance

The employee benefits business has become highly technical and is subjected to a great deal of legislation at both the federal and state level. It is a challenge, to say the least, to stay abreast of the wide-reaching and constantly changing compliance issues surrounding group benefit plans. But this is a critical task. MMA Michigan will:
  • Assign an Account Manager to sort through compliance actions and identify problems or opportunities for improvement.
  • Provide clients and staff with the access to information they need, and explain legislation in a way that is simple for you and your staff to understand.
  • Work with our clients’ attorneys and, if necessary, consult attorneys with whom we have relationships, who specialize in employee benefits issues.
  • Conduct client seminars when major legislative changes occur, as well as produce newsletters on legislative changes.
  • Review carrier/administrator benefit plans for “hidden liability,” such as COBRA, FASB 106 liabilities, HIPAA, etc.
  • Systematize and make ERISA filing requirements much more efficient.

They tell us what people have been implementing. You can get feedback on what has worked for organizations that have decided to do something before us.

— ACME Manufacturing