At MMA Michigan, we have been proactively leading our clients in the area of wellness programs for many years.  We are fully versed in the wellness vendor market and what it takes to run successful wellness programs.  Our clients are diverse in their wellness needs, from worksite culture, budget and available staff to employee acceptance.  As with any of our service areas, we understand the needs of each of our clients individually and help them set and achieve customized results.

MMA Michigan will:
  • Present wellness as a business case to leadership within your organization.
  • Develop and provide financial modeling and budget for overall wellness plan strategy, including building wellness incentives and/or disincentives into medical plan benefits or contributions.
  • Assist human resources with program development including the health promotion needs.
  • Assist in developing wellness program brand, mission statement, participation goals.
  • Develop and present annual wellness plan results as available through vendors and internal participation tracking.
  • Assist with review of corporate policies and procedures to align with wellness goals.
  • Conduct vendor selection and facilitate vendor implementation for health screenings, health coaching, or other vendors as needed (vendors to conduct worksite environmental evaluation, etc).
  • Assist with vendor coordination between wellness vendor, health plan vendor, and disease management vendor.
  • Provide targeted program planning through ten proprietary Wellness Modules.
  • Conduct employee needs and interests survey and provide program recommendations.
  • Conduct follow-up surveys after wellness activities and provide recommendations.
  • Support communication of wellness program (recommend newsletter and website content, coordinate distribution of individual mailings).

MMA Michigan covers it before we’ve thought about it.

— Ferndale Pharma Group