Helpful Websites

Helpful Websites

Below is a list of websites we use frequently to research issues for our clients.

We are always interested in adding to our resource guide. If there is a website you find helpful, please email the link to us. We welcome your suggestions and feedback.

Benefits Related Survey Data
Website AddressOrganizationDescription
www.ebri.orgEmployee Benefit Research InstituteThis site provides access to survey data on general benefits, retirement income issues, health care and social security research.

www.kff.orgKaiser Family FoundationResearch organization that tracks a number of health care issues, policies and government programs


Benefits Research Tools
Website AddressOrganizationDescription
www.ifebp.orgInternational Foundation of Employee Benefit PlansThis site provides a variety of information relating to employee benefit plan issues search capabilities for articles on benefits related issues, bookstore of various benefits-related textbooks, information on CEBS, and a job bank.

www.benefitslink.comBenefits LinkThis site is devoted to employee benefit related issues. It offers a wealth of articles on a variety of benefit issues. You can also sign up for a daily e-mail newsletter with timely benefit topics. This site also has an employee benefits job bank.

www.freeerisa.comFreeERISAThis website provides a database of retirement and welfare benefit plan information as reported on an organization’s 5500 annual filing.

www.plansponsor.comPlan Sponsor MagazineThis site provides news and data regarding defined contribution plans, defined benefit plans, employee benefit plans and finance issues.

www.ebia.comEmployee Benefit Institute of AmericaThis site provides information on publications and seminars related to all aspects of employee benefits. You can sign up for a weekly newsletter that overviews important current events in the benefits industry. It also has a search tool of historical articles.

www.changeofstatus.comData Path, Inc.This site simplifies and minimizes the confusion involved in employee status changes (sometimes called a “life event”) as these changes pertain to their various health care benefit plans.

www.HSAInsider.comHSAInsiderThis site provides comprehensive information about the mechanics of HSAs, as well as a list of HSA service providers.


Human Resources Related Websites
Website AddressOrganizationDescription
www.worldatwork.orgWorld at WorkWorld at Work, formerly known as the American Compensation Association. This site focuses on compensation, benefits and total reward programs. It presents articles on key issues surrounding compensation and benefits. It also offers a bookstore, seminar opportunities, training options and a job bank.

www.shrm.orgSociety for Human Resource ManagementThis site focuses on all issues relating to Human Resource Management. It has a section on governmental affairs, HR resources and tools and information on local chapters.


Government Websites
Website AddressOrganizationDescription
www.irs.govInternal Revenue ServiceThis is the IRS website that contains helpful information on the Internal Revenue Code. The website also has a myriad of forms online and is a key resource for tax-related issues.

www.unclefed.comUncle Fed’s Tax BoardSelect “For Tax Professionals” and then select “Chief Counsels’ Written Determinations.” Follow the instructions to access a library of IRS Private Letter Rulings

www.medicare.govMedicareThis site is the government’s official website for the Medicare program. It contains key publications that describe the Medicare program and a frequently asked questions section. It also describes the various Medigap plan options and provides a search engine to locate Medigap policy options throughout the country.

www.ssa.govSocial SecurityThis is the government site related to social security income program. It gives great information on social security income and parameters on becoming qualified for social security disability benefits.

www.dol.govDepartment of LaborThis address will take you to the Department of Labor’s Home Page. From the home page, you can view latest news releases, obtain electronic compliance assistance and access a research center. Under the Agency Listing, you can select the EBSA (formerly the PWBA). This page gives many options related to Group Health Plan operations and assistance with 5500 filing, ERISA compliance, retirement benefit plan issues, and so on.

www.cms.govDepartment of Health and Human ServicesThis is the site sponsored by the Department of Health and Human Services to help you comply with all aspects of HIPAA. of Civil RightsThe Office of Civil Rights is responsible for enforcing the HIPAA Administrative Simplification Provisions. This website has good information regarding interpretations of the Simplification Provisions and a detailed Question and Answer section on the Privacy Rule

www.archives.govNational Archives and Records AdministrationThis site contains all the Federal Registers released over the last few years.

www.govbenefits.govGovBenefitsThis site is a screening tool you can use to determine which government benefit programs you may be eligible for, and it provides information on how to apply for the programs.

www.hospitalcompare.hhs.govMedicare Hospital CompareThis site offers unbiased information about the quality of hospital care provided locally and nationally. Consumers can see how local institutions stack up against each other and can also compare the nation’s general hospitals to state and national averages.


Health and Prescription Issues
Website AddressOrganizationDescription

www.rxlist.comRx ListThis website is an Internet based drug index that provides a top 200 list for prescriptions dispensed, information on drug interactions, and headlines in the prescription industry.

www.webmd.comWeb MDThis site provides information on a large variety of medical conditions. It provides news on current issues in the medical field and information on wellness issues.

www.fda.govFood & Drug AdministrationThis site provides information on all products the FDA regulates, including prescription medications. If you select “drugs” under products the FDA regulates, you will be able to get information on a variety prescription drugs, drug shortages and new drug approvals. Association of Retired PeopleAn organization devoted to issues affecting Americans in the 50+ age range. This site is a good resource for health and wellness issues, Medicare and other legislative issues affecting older individuals.

wwww.crbestbuydrugs.orgConsumer Reports Best Buy DrugsConsumers Union, publisher of Consumers Reports and the organization behind the site, compares prescription drugs by presenting information on their effectiveness, safety and cost. Each month the web site will add another category.

www.HealthGrades.comHealth Grades Inc.Health Grades, Inc. is a healthcare ratings, information and advisory services company. British Medical JournalThe British Medical Journal provides an easy-to-navigate explanation of how to evaluate medical risk

www.leapfroggroup.orgThe Leap Frog GroupAllows users to research the number of heart bypasses and other surgical procedures performed by local hospitals.