Our Seminar Series begins in March and concludes in October. Seminars are hosted in both the Metro Detroit and Grand Rapids area. All seminars are free.  In many cases attendees to our seminars earn continuing education credits toward their PHR/SPHR/GPHR recertification.

The core agenda and locations for every seminar is as follows:

8:00am    Registration, Networking and FREE Breakfast
9:00am    Seminar Begins
Noon       Seminar Concludes
Calvin College, Prince Conference Center, Grand Rapids
Schoolcraft College VisTaTech Center, Livonia
Walsh College, Troy

If you are interested in attending an MMA Michigan Seminar, please contact Linda Vance, 248-822-6273.

2015 Seminars:

April/May 2015 – Improving the Process: Benefit Plan Administration

Benefit Plan Administration and reporting are a timely and sensitive topic.  In order to comply with ACA, employers are asked to track and provide more employee (and dependent) data than ever before.  Employers and executive leadership are looking at their existing teams, resources and systems to determine how to meet their organization’s growing compliance, payroll, and benefit administration needs.

In this seminar, we will take a step back, identify how the process is changing and how it can be improved to meet your goals.   Our cross-functional team of experts will focus on helping HR professionals gain a better understanding of the big picture, review traditional approaches, and examine the options including Private Exchanges, Benefit Administration Systems, payroll systems and HRIS modules.   Our goal is to help you identify factors to consider when determining the best strategy for your organization.

  • Tuesday, April 21 – Schoolcraft College, Livonia
  • Thursday, April 23 – Walsh College, Troy
  • Tuesday, April 28 – Schoolcraft College, Livonia
  • Wednesday, April 29 – Walsh College, Troy
  • Monday, May 4 – Calvin College, Grand Rapids

March 2015 – The Future of Employee Health Management

To control future health cost increases, almost all employers indicate that “managing employee health” is one of their top priorities.  At the same time, employee health program issues are dominating industry publications.  Major studies have conflicting messages about the effectiveness of wellness programs.  The EEOC is fining employers who appear to comply with issued regulations.  The vendor market has exploded with options for program design.

How will your organization move forward on employee health?  In our first seminar of 2015, our team will focus on helping HR professionals gain a better understanding of: the state of the industry; the shift in thinking and the impact of big data; program design principles; employee health management in action; and compliance.  Our goal is to help you determine your organization’s future health management approach and equip you to advise your C-suite on this key cost management strategy.

  • Monday, March 2 – Calvin College, Grand Rapids
  • Monday, March 9 – Schoolcraft College, Livonia
  • Tuesday, March 10 – Schoolcraft College, Livonia
  • Wednesday, March 18 – Walsh College, Troy
  • Thursday, March 19 – Walsh College, Troy


2014 Seminars:

March 2014 – A Changing Landscape: Exchanges and Employer Compliance Issues

The employer-provided health care landscape has changed significantly over the past year.  This seminar focused on the recent changes in the health care market resulting from ACA and the introduction of the Exchanges.  This session also updated employers on other key compliance issues to consider such as Department of Labor Audits, Section 125 Rollovers, and the impact of the invalidation of Section 3 DOMA.  Attendees received 2.75 credits toward PHR/GPHR/SPHR recertification.

June 2014 – Southeast Michigan Mid-Market Group Benefits Survey Results

We shared the results of our eleventh annual Mid-Market Group Benefit Survey.  Topics discussed included: health plan benchmarks such as co-pays and deductibles; how Michigan employers are adapting to the requirements of Health Care Reform; how organizations are addressing Wellness; cost control concepts; and more.  Attendees received a Key Indicator Report comparing their plans to industry peers as well as entire dataset.  Attendees received 2.75 credits toward PHR/GPHR/SPHR recertification.

July/August 2014 – Looking Beyond the Status Quo: Health Care Benefit Strategies Under ACA Provisions & Reforms

As organizations approached the third and fourth quarter of 2014, we identified benefits trends and concepts to consider when developing a strategic benefits plan for 2015 and beyond. For example, how Wellness initiatives, data analytics, provider network consolidation and other factors could impact their plan. Our speakers also recapped the most recent ACA-related elements to consider in plan design and forecasting. This seminar was pertinent to both Human Resources professionals as well as Finance executives.  Attendees received 2.75 credits toward PHR/GPHR/SPHR recertification.

September/October 2014 – Compliance Catch-Up: HIPAA, Section 125 & Other Compliance Updates

The government is issuing new regulations – and changing existing ones – at a grueling pace. It is important to stay up to date on the changes and what they mean to your organization. You can count on our team to keep you abreast of the details pertaining to key areas of compliance such as HIPAA, Section 125 and ACA.  Attendees received 2.75 credits toward PHR/GPHR/SPHR recertification.


Archived Seminars

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